About Us

It can be hard to find that perfect gift sometimes can’t it? More often than not, we spend ages looking for an item that is just the right size, not too expensive but still looks well-made and something parents will like…then if you send it by post, there’s the issue of packaging and making it look pretty. The list goes on!

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Here at Cotton & Cuddles we want to take all of that stress away from you! We are sourcing only top quality items that are made from NATURAL materials. Our gifts are made from cotton (hence our name), wool and linen, with only inner materials being synthetic. This means you can rest assured little ones will have the best and softest cuddles…and if you need to send your gift direct to someone, we’ve got you covered with our gift wrapping service and direct postage which we send out within 24 hours of receiving your order!

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We also like to work with smaller companies that hand make their items. This helps to ensure the items you buy are made ethically and with 100% detail instead of being churned out on a production line.

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Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or would like your products to be considered for selling through Cotton & Cuddles, feel free to get in touch!